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14.04.2021    Blog

The FATF and Why Pakistan has been Grey-Listed

The FATF and the third grey-listing of Pakistan

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07.04.2021    Blog

The future of compliance is here-DX 2.0

Leveraging smart technologies to fight financial crime.

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24.03.2021    Blog

There are better ways of spending money than paying fines

RegTech in Australia and its global future

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12.03.2021    Blog

AML in the UAE

Zero-Tolerance for Money Laundering

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22.02.2021    Blog

DX Participates in ADGM Digital Lab

DX Compliance is one of the first Regtech Companies that participates in the ADGM Digital Lab.

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16.02.2021    Blog

No Fintech hates regulation

How to tackle Regulation with Innovation

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11.02.2021    Blog

DX joins Abu Dhabi’s Tech Hub 71

Hub 71 Community welcomes the DX team

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07.02.2021    Blog

Transaction Monitoring FAQ

A brief introduction to Transaction monitoring

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01.02.2021    Blog

DX Welcomes Chief Product Officer – Prem Ipe

DX Compliance makes strategic move for scaling product globally

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03.01.2021    Blog

Trends in 2021

Trends of the year 2021

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29.12.2020    Blog

DX Compliance Recap 2020

How was the year 2020 for DX?

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18.12.2020    Blog

Trade Based Money Laundering FAQ

Trade compliance and Trade based Money Laundering are hot topics in 2021

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03.12.2020    Blog

DIFC Fintech Hive

DX joins the DIFC Fintech Hive Alumni and launches in the UAE

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13.11.2020    Blog

Driving Compliance Through Innovation

Regtech Live in Dubai

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