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09.07.2021    Blog

Women in Tech

Global movement of Women in the Tech Industry

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29.06.2021    Blog

The FATF and Why Pakistan has been Grey-Listed

The FATF and the third grey-listing of Pakistan

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25.06.2021    AML Compliance

FAQ – The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

What the role of the FCA is and its regulation over RegTech

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24.06.2021    Blog

FATF – “Grey-list” decision depicts Malta’s Financial Future

FATF Members vote regarding Malta's future

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16.06.2021    Blog

The RegTech Association Event & DX Compliance


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10.06.2021    Blog

Trade Based Money Laundering FAQ

Trade compliance and Trade based Money Laundering are hot topics in 2021

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02.06.2021    Blog

DIFC Innovation event 2021

DX Compliance hosts two events at DIFC

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27.05.2021    Blog

How Financial Crime continues to hold a risk in 2021:

FAQ of everything Financial Crime from Compliance, Risk and Money Laundering Processes.

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14.05.2021    Blog

Dx Compliance launches new Regtech location in the UAE

Irish grown Regtech company expands into a new market

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13.05.2021    Blog

Regulatory Sandboxes paving the way for Fintech in the MENA Region:

The meaning of Regulatory Sandboxes and its uptake in MENA Countries

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07.04.2021    Blog

The future of compliance is here-DX 2.0

Leveraging smart technologies to fight financial crime.

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24.03.2021    Blog

There are better ways of spending money than paying fines

RegTech in Australia and its global future

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22.02.2021    Blog

DX Participates in ADGM Digital Lab

DX Compliance is one of the first Regtech Companies that participates in the ADGM Digital Lab.

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16.02.2021    Blog

No Fintech hates regulation

How to tackle Regulation with Innovation

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