We levarage smart technology to build fast , flexible AML Compliance Solutions

Transactions Monitoring

Machine Learning combines with your rules & policies to ensure effective, accurate results.

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Suspicious Activity Reporting

SAR submission in minutes, reduce the risk of a backlog and track communication with authorities

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Case Management

Automated tracking and creation of case files. Enabling easy collaboration and efficiency at work.

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Audit Trail

Any action, any case, logged, filed and easy to find for audits and quality checks

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Risk Categorisation

Ensure the risk categorisation of customers is accurate, appropriate and supports your dynamic monitoring

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Annual Risk Assessment

Dreading your annual risk assesment? Turn it into an easy, enjoyable task

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Ongoing Due Dilligence

Proof of funds, updating customer information and on-going screening of a customer's behaviour

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Want to see it in action?

Understand your customer’s financial behaviour like never before