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8 June 2022, 14:15


The DX Compliance real-time Transaction Monitoring solution is used by Compliance and Risk Professionals for a variety of reasons.

Transactions Monitoring is a Key Challenge to get right for many companies. From Fintechs to traditional banks. In this blog we explore the 10 reasons why Compliance and Risk Professionals choose DX Compliance real time Transactions Monitoring System.

Here our our Top 10 Reasons why Customers switch to DX Compliance.

1. AI & ML DXTective the future of Real-time Transactions Monitoring

AI is important as it supports Compliance & Risk professionals and not replaces them.

The promise of AI is the same as the general purpose of Software it shall make human live easier and catch up with the criminals. Therefore DXTective has been born.

2. Compliance People don’t Need to Speak Tech: No Code

Rules are important for a state of the Art Transactions Monitoring. Testing and fine tuning rules is important and our systems allows that without any charges and changes.

3. True Postives and Not False Ones

False positives are a waste of time, resources and end often enough in the loss of a good customer. Freeze the wrong account and make unsuspicious people & transactions suspicious and the customer is gone so is your Reputation. And while not catching the bad people in your system more than that it also results in reporting the wrong Persons to the regulator.

To concentrate on true positives our Founder Simon Dix has walked in your shoes and has developed the System in a way that supports true positives and not false ones.

4. UX & UI that is Intuitive

Digitally natives don’t use a UX that is still in the 80s or 90s.

Our Dashboards are intuitive and designed for the User.

5. The Power of Data

At DX we have a motto: Use Data smarter. This of course applies to our Product as well as to our Recommendation and our ability to integrate third party Data or on-in-house Build Systems.

6. Customer Success

We are AML compliance experts and not just have some on board.

We focus with our clients on a long-term strategy and get ahead of problems and opportunities.

7. Customer Experience

Customer Experience is as important as having the best product and the right team.

All our customers have to training and our Community. As General Customer Experience for B2B Software firms is poor. We at DX Compliance don’t believe that Software is made on the principle make it once sell & use it often. It is all about Customer Experience from the Buyer Journey to the User Journey.

8. SAR Reporting

SAR and STR Reports are important. Our SAR Officer helps you to perform the necessary stuff.

9. Pricing that Helps You Scale

At DX we believe in a fair and transparent pricing for our customers a pricing that helps you scale and grow.

Unlike heavily loss making competitors who  built up for 10 years and make losses without any prospect of profits  anytime, we don’t believe in wanting to become big by preventing competition and not making a profit. We believe in a sustainable future and offer our customers a sustainable approach to pricing.

10. Integration

Our dedicated Onboarding and Integration Team can integrate according to the customers timeframe and in less time than most vendors. As time is money we don’t waste each others time.

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