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9 July 2021, 17:45


Global movement of Women in the Tech Industry

The Rise of Women in Tech:

There has been numerous publications surrounding the male domination of the tech world. However, the rise of women seeking careers in the tech industry through RegTech and Fintech has increased in the past few years.

The number of women working in RegTech account for up to 35% of the industry’s workforce, which compares favourably to the FinTech industry, where 29% of roles are held by women. However, more can and should be done

Lucy Heavens, Co-founder of RegTech Women

Women in tech @ Hub 71 and DX :

Here at DX wea re proud to promote and facilitate to the growth not only the tech industry but the women who work in it as well.

One of our recent team members from Abu Dhabi , Heba Nazim! She works at DX Compliance as a Front End Developer and has recently been a guest of the new episode of the Hub71 Women Who Tech series. She is speaking about her role at DX Compliance and how Hub71 is helping her achieve her goals!

DX Compliance Employee

Heba holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Information Technology from Middlesex University. She is also passionate about Software Development, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

To get to know more about Heba’s journey and what she does at DX Compliance, watch Hub71’s Women Who Tech series.

Organisation Helping:

Despite the growth and recognition of the need of women the tech industry, there is much more work to be done in order to  reach the goal of equality in the tech field.

% of Women in Tech

According to the 2020 World Economic Forum Gender Gap report, while some progress has been made, there are still huge challenges when it comes to women’s underrepresentation in emerging and rapidly changing sectors, like tech.

Some organisations that help women grow and move careers/jobs in tech:

The Future of Women in Tech:

The gap is slowly closing between men and women in the tech industry, yet there is still much more to do!

There are many things organisations can do to promote and facilitate the growth of women as seen here by Forbes. We here at DX Compliance are continuously looking for ways to improve not only the software but the industry itself, and if you are interested in joining us click here:

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