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3 November 2020, 16:34


Strong sense of camaraderie within the team and you truly feel like the project is your own

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you decided to join a startup.

Hi, I’m Tyler Grech and I work in Business Development department of the DX Compliance mostly handling outside sales. I primarily started with the DX as an intern, having come out of university I just wanted an experience that deferred from the status quo and to have an opportunity and the creative space to make an impact.

With a start up, its not like any other job I’ve been in. There’s a strong sense of camaraderie within the team and you truly feel like the project is your own. Its not a clock in and clock out sort of gig and you’re not usually handling one task but a variety of them. In my case, it was ranging from content writing to designing to meeting with clients and selling your product.

What led to you joining DX?

I had a bachelor’s degree in business and finance. This position was the perfect mix of what I like and what I know! Who wouldn’t find the world of financial crime and AML interesting?

I always enjoyed working in a fast paced environment and most importantly the diverse culture and team. I knew with DX, I would have the opportunity to build something revolutionary and opportunity to lead a team in future.


Which part of your job do you enjoy most?

I really enjoy the creative space to manage my own time and to decide how best to tackle the objectives at hand. Meeting new people is also a strong perk of the job, as the job requires you to reach out and keep in touch with interesting people from all around the world.

How are you dealing with work from home?

Once Covid-19 broke out, it was bit of shock at first because like most of the team I had been living abroad renting a room which made self-isolation a bit complicated. Then once things started getting more serious and working from home started becoming more and more likely,  I came back to my home country, which is Malta. One cant say the current times aren’t bleak but I was lucky enough to have a solid team and strong leaders such as Simon Dix and Daniel Doerr to rely on, who have handled the crisis pretty well.

What I found out is that working from home wasn’t as bad as I’d thought. I gained at least an extra 10 hours which I previous had dedicated to commuting and things like eating healthy became way more convenient. In the office I had fewer distractions but, along with having more time to myself the quality of my work still improved.

Overall whether working from the office or from home, working with the DX Compliance has been an absolute pleasure.

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