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3 January 2021, 14:04


Trends of the year 2021

1. Human and Machine Interaction: It is not all about AI !

2021 is less about machines and more about human-machine Interaction. Combine AI with human Intelligence is a major change that most compliance departments are forced into. For those of us who have not born digitally native, it feels like a transformation for the digitally native it feels more like an experience.

2. Fintechization = Regtechization

As the cloud turned 15 last year the change that has come from the move to the cloud are already there. While many (banks) have been abandoning their cautious approach to cloud-based services most Fintechs love it.

3. Anti money laundering remains a global priority.

Because it is a huge problem, and because so little is detected there is much to do.

4. Regulators around the world will continue to play a key role in driving RegTech adoption.

The regulatory Tsunami will begin again. With AMLD6 on the way and the increasing interest in Crypto and virtual assets…

5. The new work is hybrid not remote.

Compliance will not work remotely in the long run.

6. The EU and also the UAE will strive to strengthen its AML strategy.

6 AMLD is there. In the UAE we have seen improvements of the court systems.

7. Trade and tradebased compliance will be a hot topic in 2021

Compliance professionals will focus on a few topics in 2021:


1.Determination of knowledge and technology gaps at their organization. Regtech is an enabler, not a disrupter.

2.Built training programs that make sense for their organization.  Compliance has a clear goal: Enable business while protecting their organization. As a Backoffice Enabler awareness and training, programs are an important factor. 2021 is a year full of growth opportunities. Personal and intellectual.

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