16 April 2020, 15:10


A brief introduction to Transaction monitoring

Key objetcives of Transactions Monitoring

To provide a brief overview of the need for Transaction Monitoring

28 FTE

Average saving over 3 years with effective Transaction Monitoring system

$32 Billion+

Fines levied against financial institutions within the past 2 years

Consequences of an ineffective Transaction Monitoring System

from Multi-Billion dollar fines to large, inefficient teams.

How to find and evaluate a transaction Monitoring Solution

Do your homework and invest upfront time and effort to evaluate which transaction Monitoring Solution you need and want. Our Buyers Guide that you can download in our Whitepapersections can help you here. Make sure that your current solution is up to date and there is a continuous improvement.

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26.05.2020    AML Compliance

CEOs dont‘ care about Compliance they care about Reputation

Compliance was never sexy. But that is rapidly changing

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Leveraging technology for compliance


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The Impact of Covid 19 on AML

In this article we share some thoughts about the impact of coronavirus on AML Compliance.

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