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1 February 2021, 16:01


DX Compliance makes strategic move for scaling product globally

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Prem Ipe. Electronics Engineer by studies, started working in Data Analytics in 2005 wearing multiple hats from data analyst, solution architect to leadership roles – working for Banks and Insurance in Australia and most recently working for Fidor Bank as their Head of Data Analytics in Munich, Germany. I am passionate about building teams, enabling organisations I work for to grow strategically through Data and Technology. In my personal life, I am an Australian, married to a Dutchie and living in Netherlands now. In the past 15 years, my career took me to live in 3 continents across 6 cities for which I was really fortunate and I love listening to metal.

Why did you choose to work for a Regtech start-up?

With my experience working for Australian, US and German Banks, Insurers and Fintechs, I believe AML Compliance function is very much under served from innovation and Technology perspective. So, I am excited to work with Simon and Daniel and team to drive this mission to bring innovative AML and Compliance software for Banks and Fintechs which protects them while enabling them to grow strategically.

What did you do before joining DX Compliance?

Before DX, I had the opportunity to build and lead the Data Analytics team at Fidor Bank in Munich since 2017, which is the oldest FinTech Bank in Europe and built on an API Driven Banking.

Why did you choose a career in the Fintech Space?

End of 2015 I had to opportunity to work in Fintech as part of my move to Germany. I truly believe in technology and data if in the right context has the power to disrupt traditional industries. In this case, the evolution of fintech has brought more financial and data awareness for customers and pushing legacy firms to evolve and enable entrepreneurs to setup innovative businesses . So Fintech is the place to be.

I am very happy to welcome Prem to the team

Simon Dix, CEO DX Compliance

“I am very happy to welcome Prem to the team at DX Compliance, alongside his strong experience working with complex data structures and integration projects in financial services, he has a strong, hands-on, can-do attitude.

We worked together previously at Fidor Bank, often in high-pressure situations. Prem’s collaborative approach to problem solving and positive attitude made a lasting impression. As Chief Product Officer Prem will ensure we continue to deliver market leading solutions to clients and will work closely with us on growth and expansion.”

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