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11 February 2021, 11:09


Hub 71 Community welcomes the DX team

HUB 71

DX Compliance is happy to announce that we have been successfully selected to be one of the Members of the Hub 71 Community in Abu Dhabi.

DX Compliance has joined the prestigious Hub71 Abu Dhabi’s Tech Hub in February 2021.

Launched in March 2019 Hub71 is a tech ecosystem in the heart of the Capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi.  A community of founders, investors and business enablers that form a unique technology ecosystem strategically located in Abu Dhabi.

Named after the UAE’s formation in 1971, Hub71 is creating the optimal environment for transformative tech companies looking to maximize success, produce outstanding tech innovations and scale globally.

Hub71 is a flagship initiative of the AED 50 billion economic accelerator program, Ghadan 21, which means “tomorrow” in Arabic.

Hub71 and its community are on a mission to create a global tech ecosystem in the heart of Abu Dhabi. It is a vibrant community of global founders and start-ups from all industries.

Hub71, strategically located in Abu Dhabi Global Market Square, aims to support DX startup success, innovation and growth; and is uniquely positioned to bring together partners, government entities, corporations, academics and likeminded Startups.

As a flagship initiative of the “Ghadan 21” program led by Mubadala Investment Company and backed by the Government of Abu Dhabi.

Future Growth

After a successful launch in the MEASA Region and a participation in the DIFC Fintech Hive Program  the next big step for us was our license from the ADGM and joining the Hub71 Community.

The intellectual capital behind Hub71 and the Ghadan21 enables the future growth of DX Compliance in a time of disruption and vital change within the industry. We have been very happy to receive the acceptance letters as some of our friends and business partners are already part of the community.

It is not just about the generous Hub71 Incentive Program that comes with Mentorship and tremendous Support. We have seen a great contribution to the start-up world as most start-ups are now born globally.

At its core DX Regtech Solution uses market leading technologies to more effectively meet the regulatory requirements of Transactions Monitoring to make the world a better and safer place.

We are impressed by the sustainable Growth and Long Term Vision of Hub 71 and its people. Aligning this to DX Vision and Mission enables us for tremendous growth globally.

Simon Dix, CEO

DX also received its license from the ADGM as one of the First Regtech companies within the region.

THE ADGM is now 5 years old and RegTech plays a major role for FinTechs so it does for regulators and government bodies.

ADGM launched the first regulatory sandbox (known as the Regulatory Laboratory or RegLab in short) in the MENA region in 2016 to allow FinTech start -ups to test and deploy their solutions in a controlled environment under the supervision of the regulator.

Today, ADGM has the most comprehensive suite of regulatory frameworks in the region catering to a diverse range of digital financial services, from digital banking and payments, to digital assets, securities and robo-advisory. Many start-ups have benefitted from the innovative, progressive and robust regulatory frameworks offered by ADGM. The RegLab is one of the most active sandboxes in the world, and have seen start-ups in the programme successfully deploy their solutions in the wider markets.

Regtech is a Subset of Fintech. Therefor DX Compliance AML Transactionsmonitoring Solution supports sustainable Fintech growth. If you like to read more about us have a look at our recent Magnitt article

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