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30 July 2021, 12:05


Joins us as the - Director of Partnerships & Alliances

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Abbigail Henrietta Williams,  I am a senior sales consultant with almost 20 years of leading teams in achieving high results and acquiring new clients and partnerships. I would describe myself as a person who leads from the front, yet acknowledges the importance of facilitating the growth of others in order to achieve the best results.

My passion and vision steams from a long career with magic circle law firms along with numerous financial services and Fintech organisations which has resulted in receiving awards due to the achievements of my implementations. In retrospect towards my work ethic, I like to create a hybrid environment that is driven from a positive attitude that doesn’t diminish the negatives but embraces them in order to identify the pain points and resolve the problem to create a high level and deliverable service.

I also believe that the key to success is in the creation of long lasting relationships with not only clients but also in the internal organisation through mentoring and coaching.

Why RegTech Startup?

My answer would be, simply why not? The RegTech industry is booming and has seen a rapid growth in recent years. This industry has not only just seen a start-up influx but is also forecasted to reach a global spending of over $76 Billion by 2022 with a previous evaluation of only $10 Billion in 2017.

This development of the RegTech industry has resulted in businesses crying out for a place like DX Compliance to provide a full scope and in-depth service. As a senior sales consultant with partnerships driven, I can already identify massive loop holes in the current services out in market for compliance and CTF prevention.

DX Compliance products comes from this new age acknowledgment in the change of the environment and has adapted themselves in order to do this. The main question you have to ask is – what keeps a Chief Compliance Officer awake at night? , and I believe that DX already has the answer here.

How do you see RegTech Space growing in EU?

As previously mentioned, I see the RegTech space in the EU as the same as the global standard.

Compliance teams and management in all industries have got their own focus and tasks to complete but they have now realised there’s continuously new issues and challenges coming to the market. This is where I envision a great opportunity to grow a team like DX to become a frontier in the RegTech industry.

We used to rely on the human eye to do these tasks, yet the levels of fines and risks now require the support of technology to take the pressure off of these teams.

What traits do you value most?

Diversity. Encouragement. Good Work Ethic.

These are the key attributes I like to bring to the table and how I envision the most necessary traits in buildings teams are. In sales it can be tough to see the good and to kept motivated , for example with losses, I see it as the opportunity to take what you can learn from and this is where the true strength comes from.

What I’ve learnt from my many years as a senior sales consultant and head of partnerships is that mistakes or downfalls are just as important as the wins. As I said before, I prefer to break down/ focus on the pain points and from this formulate a strategy that can overcome these issues. We now more than ever due to this pandemic have realised how we are stronger all together and no team is alone.

Final Comments

To finish the overview into who abbey is and why I am here.

I want to come in and show all the possibilities that DX Compliance has to become the leader in this industry and bring a wide range of  diverse partnerships, clients and growth within on board. I lead from the front and that’s why I’ve come here to do exactly that.

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