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14 May 2021, 13:47


Irish grown Regtech company expands into a new market

Who we are

Dx Compliance, 2021, has continued to adapt and over the challenges that we all have been burdened with this year. In a move of self-development and expansion, we are delighted to formally announce our move to the UAE under Hub 71. We aim to continue working with the numerous entities under the banking and Fintech area while still providing a hands on and experienced level of commitment from our Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

“The support we gain from Enterprise Ireland along with our collaborations with Universities in Abu Dhabi and Dublin opens doors for more growth and employment during unprecedented times.”

Daniel Dorr, Co-Founder of DX Compliance

Our Solution

We have built our AI-enabled anti-financial crime and compliance software through the knowledge and experience of our founder Simon Dix. Our additional features are derived from the collaboration of industry focused individuals in creating compliance software solutions that offer easy-to-use features and top-of-the-line capabilities that effectively identify, manage and prevent regulatory and financial risks for your company.

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Regtech in the UAE

This move to the UAE has been supported by Enterprise Ireland, their involvement has contributed to this successful expansion into our fifth international market making DX Compliance the first Irish FinTech company in this region.

The DIFC and Hub 71:

This expansion includes the involvement with the Dubai International Financial Center’s (DIFC) FinTech Hive that specifically focuses on start-ups becoming active and running in the Fintech space in the Middle East. Also, the Abu Dhabi Global Market’s (ADGM) Hub71 which is a sector agnostic global tech ecosystem backed by Mubadala and supported several other investment vehicles in the UAE.

To read more about the article with DX Compliance and Hub 71 click here:

What we offer

We here at DX Compliance as a Regtech company, want to continue our successful track record in providing market-leading anti-financial crime products that offer insights into individuals’ and commercial entities’ financial behaviour. By this, we create value for all of our clients by uncovering suspicious transactions that usually go undetected by more traditional forms of anti-financial crime tools.

In ensuring that our software is the most up-to-date and industry focused available our move was established due to the UAE government’s renewed commitment and development  to the regulatory health of its financial services sector.

Future Developments

Following this move to the UAE, the creation and launch of DX 2.0 software is available to all of our clients. This latest version of our transaction monitoring software provides our clients with new functionalities and further improvements that enhance the accuracy and overall user experience. The industries we are currently working with, provides them with the ability to manage their regulatory and financial risks , lower operational costs and refocus their attention on their revenue drivers with complete peace of mind.

To read more about our new DX 2.0 software, our own CPO Prem Ipe, expands up its features and abilities in our newest blog  :

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