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2 June 2021, 8:23


DX Compliance hosts two events at DIFC

The DIFC Innovation Month

DX Compliance was honoured to be taking part as a host in the industry focused event at the DIFC. It offered a mix of in-person and virtual attendance as to reach the large global audience in this new age hybrid event.

The event brought together the top industry players and the large UAE start-up community to discuss certain areas of:

  • Future Of Finance
  • Future Economies in the UAE
  • Technologies of Tomorrow
  • Sustainability & Future Skills

DX Compliance Contribution

On the 31st of May, Simon Dix, our CEO hosted the event on “”No FinTech Hates Regulation”: Using Software to Help You Scale, which provided insights into the growing sector of FinTech and it aligning regulations.

DIFC Innovation Month 2021

To see a overview of what Simon will be discussed check out his blog post on the topic here:

Additionally, Prem Ipe our Chief Product Officer, hosted his topic on “How Machine Learning will shape the future of the Payments and Banking Industries worldwide” on the 6th of June.

Where and When

The Innovation month took place at the DIFC Innovation Hub.

Both of these events, as mentioned previously will be able to be either virtually attended here at:

Simon Dix – 31st of May at 14:00 – 15:00 pm (GST). – Watch the webinar here:

Prem Ipe – 6th of June at 14:00 – 15:00 pm (GST). – Watch the webinar here:

We will be continuously updating on the DIFC Innovation event over on our socials, be sure to follow them to get the latest news.

Inauguration Day at the DIFC

His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and President of the Dubai International Financial Centre, has officially inaugurated the DIFC Innovation Hub located in the Gate Avenue today, 25th of May 2021.

The establishment of the DIFC Innovation Hub is an integral part of the strategic roadmap and is a key initiative at generating new economic value by fostering the development of innovation in future-oriented industries.

Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed

Simon Dix - Presentation Highlights

Simon Dix, Founder of DX Compliance, topic as previously highlighted covered the area of “”No FinTech Hates Regulation”: Using Software to Help You Scale on the 31st of May, 2021.

As a host, Simon, capitative the audience by beginning with the powerful statement of No FinTech Hates Regulation. As he proceeded through the presentation he demonstrated how compliance isn’t restricted to a checklist or something that can be ticked off and forgotten about.

Simon at DFIC

Regulation and its adjoining compliance cannot have a limited liability, even when outsourcing. To ensure that you and your company are safe, compliant and active in preventing these transactions occurring continuous evaluation and governance is needed.

Simon, added how his experience in the fields of finance and law, spotted a gap in the software that was available and what was actually needed. With DX mission, wanting to provide you and your company with exactly that, while enabling you to chose whats right for you through Transaction Monitoring, Global Coverage, PEP Sanctions and AI and Machine Learning for Suspicious Behaviour.

Prem Ipe - Presentation Highlights

Prem Ipe, CPO at DX Compliance, brought interesting views to his topic of “How Machine Learning will shape the future of the Payments and Banking Industries worldwide” on the 6th of June, 2021.

Prem, through his personal working experiences and first hand knowledge of various markets provided the physical and virtual audiences with key insights into how no one is safe from Regulations. Prem, stated that even the largest of Payment and Banking companies in the world are still subset-able to AML and Financial Crime.

Prem at DIFC

As a presenter, Prem, tried to demonstrate and explain that the tangible evidence of 2 Trillion Dollars per year is laundered and that before your company gets to that scalability and openness to fines for AML regulation and breaches DX Compliance Software is there for exactly that.

DX Software enables you to have highly customisable data model, in-depth transaction monitoring engine and case management to heavily reduce the risk and uncertainty for your company.

Upcoming Events - Next for DX Compliance

We are excited to announce that DX Compliance will be hosting another event at the “Regtech Edge No Borders” global Regtech Solutions event on the 17th of June at 4:40 pm (AEST).

Regtech Edge No Borders

As part of the RegTech Edge No Borders program designed to showcase RegTech solutions, which address the global challenges across a complex regulatory landscape, this online live event will provide participants with insight into client lifecycle management technology, automating AML tasks, PEP and push screening, continuous AML scanning of all new and existing customers by default and AML transaction tracking.

To register for the event click here 👉

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