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10 February 2022, 10:46


We cover strong insights on what key trends will dominate compliance technology in 2022, and what new technology trends will have an impact on your compliance team in the next months.

What key trends will dominate compliance technology in 2022

What key trends will dominate compliance technology in 2022 and what new technology trends will have an impact on your compliance team in the next months. Learn what new regulatory changes and obligations, mean to your tech stack.

Developing a scalable Compliance program is important in 2022.

The global market for Anti financial crime Solutions is projected to grow from 2019 by 2024 to 3.6 billion USD at an Annual Growth rate of 19.5 %.  At DX we think that the real number is much higher as more and more organizations understand the real power of Regtech.

RegTech is a FinTech enabler and it is an area ready for the global boom. Therefore plan away, but focus on those things that will drive, motivate and shape that future into the one you want it to be.

Derisk your business with Regtech

The power and opportunity of Regtech is worth exploring. Many Compliance & Risk professionals in 2022 will have a look and screen different Regtech Solutions. The reason:

Enforcement actions related to AML have been on the rise.

Our top 5 tips:

  1. Plan your Regtech Journey
  2. Map out a Budget
  3. Don’t waste time on the built or buy decision
  4. Communicate with internal stakeholders your goal
  5. Screen and select the Regtech vendor that is right for you

As AML is not only KYC it is worth planning your Regtech Journey.

Rising costs of human labour as most AML AML activities require significant manual effort, making them inefficient and difficult to scale.

1. Anti-financial crime Technology

Emerging Technologies to Combat Financial Crime are on the rise.

Traditionally The banking sector and many non-financial businesses have been ordered by regulators across the globe to integrate enhanced Anti-money-laundering software powered by advanced, frontier technologies.

Digital Transformation & Automation of workflows will be the keyword in the financial business in 2022 and beyond.

2. Behavioural Transaction Monitoring Solutions

It is for sure expected that regulators will demand faster methods for identifying suspicious transaction monitoring in addition to AML procedures.

The use of technologies like AI & ML, and big data will be crucial in this case.

Businesses will need to determine potential risk by incorporating tech-driven tools that limit false positives, and detect, analyze, and eliminate suspicious transactions by focusing on the Ongoing Monitoring rather than just on the KYC and onboarding part.

3. Understand the Power and Value of Explainable AI

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Anti-Financial Crime Prevention isn’t new.

artificial intelligence can assist businesses in dealing with a number of challenges emerging with digitization and digital transformation.

It can decrease the need for human intervention, especially in situations involving anti-money laundering & anti-financial crime prevention. The future is clear:

Explainable AI that does not replace people. An AI that doesn’t assist in reducing the need for human approval and speeding up many aspects of AML more is supporting the human in a way human & machine.

4. Don’t play the Buzzword Bingo while beeing on Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a phenomenon that does not only apply to older well established institutions.

5. The Cloud & Data Privacy rules still : AML with in Built Privacy is the Future

Data storage and cloud are important considerations. Many risk and compliance professionals will improve their knowledge here in 2022.

6. Information Sharing

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has urged governments and businesses to collaborate in the fight against money laundering and terrorism funding. Both parties are dealing with the same issues, particularly in regards to information: its quality, quantity, transparency, and ability to be handled effectively. While the trend toward information sharing may take time to catch on, we have already seen the first steps, such as the FinCEN Exchange in the United States, which aims to improve public-private information sharing. However, it is expected to see more similar initiatives in 2022.

7. Final Thoughts

Money launderers, Fraudsters &  Finfriminals will always determine innovative ways to manipulate the financial service & Banking sector to carry out illicit activities.

However, detecting & preventing criminal activities in time is the most difficult factor while incorporating a robust AML framework to trace, detect and eliminate the potential risk of money laundering terrorist financing, and other financial crimes.

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