Transactions Monitoring

Machine Learning combines with your rules & policies to ensure effective, accurate results.

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Suspicious Activity Reporting

SAR submission in minutes, reduce the risk of a backlog and track communication with authorities

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Manage your daily workload

Integrated Risk Categorisation within the system

Open tasks

Helping your team to focus

Work performance

Increased efficiency through better resource allocation, meet your internal KPI’s.

Improve your reports

SAR Submission

Automated workflows for reports which adhere to standards set by your regulator

Internal Risk Reporting

Understand where the biggest risks lie at the click of a button, in real time

Discover how we address
your industry's needs

Private Banks & Wealth Management

You’re a specialized institution catering to unique classes of individuals and assets. We understand the unique nature of your business and help you to mitigate risk effectively

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Payments (PSPs)

Facilitate electronic transactions. High volume and high speed? We’ve got you covered!

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Challenger Banks

Fast growing and highly popular. Our focus is on helping you find the patterns building within your institution and ensuring you can scale your business more efficiently

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Digital Currencies

Real-time, global, thinking outside of the box? We are helping a number of exchanges to successfully meet their regulatory requirements.

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Currency Exchanges

We’re helping you to understand patterns of behaviour, meet regulatory standards and ease cooperation with banking partners

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